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Augercast piling also commonly known as CFA piling, auger cast piling, cast in place piling or augered piling are formed by advancing a continuous rotating auger to the full pile depth, and then pumping cementitious grout through the auger's hollow stem as the auger is slowly withdrawn. The soil surrounding the drilled hole becomes the "form" for the pile.

augercast piling auger cast pile

A pre-tied steel reinforcing cage is then lowered into the fluid grout to form a reinforced cast-in-place concrete piling.

The McCabe Building, Naples

The McCabe Building, Naples

CFA piling continuous flight auger pile

Augercast piles can be grouped within concrete pile caps to provide reliable support for mid and high-rise structures, as well as coastal structures where protection against storm scour is required.

Aqua 280, Sarasota