Stone columns are constructed by advancing a vibrating lance to the desired depth. The lance penetrates the ground as a function of its own weight, water jetting and vibration.

Vibro-Replacement is a ground improvement technique that increases the bearing capacity of soils though installation of densified columns of stone. Individual columns can be placed beneath column bases, footings and slabs-on-grade to focus increased capacity where it is needed most.

Waterfront at Main, Lakewood Ranch

New Hotel, Dania Beach

Stone or crushed concrete measuring 1.5" to 3" in dimension is tipped into the void created by the lance. The vibration of the lance compacts the stone to form a column and densify the surrounding soil .

New Hotel, Dania Beach

Individual columns are strategically placed to result in a site with improved bearing capacity beneath footings and slabs. 

The Hammocks, Placida

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