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John Burgstiner, Inc. installs pre-stressed concrete piles, ICP piles, H piles, mini piles, timber piles and sheet piling for a large variety of applications. The type of driven piling selected for each application depends on the loading requirements, soil characteristics, project logistics and cost.

John Burgstiner, Inc. installs driven piling using diesel, hydraulic, and pneumatic impact hammers or hydraulically-driven

vibratory hammers.

pile driving


Pre-stressed concrete piling are stronger than similarly-sized piling constructed with traditional reinforcing. Pre-stressed concrete piling are fabricated by pre-stressing high tensile steel cable or rods that are then embedded in concrete to offset the tensile stress of a bending load. Pre-stressed piling material is generally cheaper than steel piling, but can be costly to splice in the field and thus used less often where depth to bearing strata is highly variable.

Sunset Pointe, Tierra Verde

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Industrial Concrete Products (ICP) piling are pre-tensioned spun concrete piling manufactured in Southeast Asia and distributed in Florida from a storage facility on Tampa Bay. ICP Piles are round with a smooth finish and often favored where appearance matters. In addition, they are easily field-spliced and well-suited where long or variable length piling are required. Click here for more information on ICP Piling.

Mini piling (also called micropiling) are suited to areas that are difficult to access or have restricted head room for installation equipment. Our driven mini piling supports new construction, building additions and industrial expansion projects.

330 3rd St. Residences, St. Petersburg

Private Residence, Casey Key

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Steel H Piling are one form of steel piling that can be field-spliced and driven to greater depths, often with less vibration compared to pre-stressed concrete piling. Steel H piling can also have rock points installed on them to penetrate dense underground conditions.

Busch Gardens, Tampa

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steel pipe piling

Steel Pipe Piling is another form of steel piling that can be driven either open ended or with end plates. The piling can be strengthened by filling the interior of the pipe with concrete and reinforcing steel. Pipe piling can be spliced in the field economically and is often used in areas with deep bearing depths or where the depth to bearing is expected to be highly variable. Much like steel H piling, pipe piling can have end plates or points installed on them to help penetrate dense underground conditions.

Gulf Stream Station, Manatee County

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Timber Piling are typically manufactured by pressure-treating timber in either squared or rounded cross-sections. Timber piling are often favored for their rustic appearance and relatively low cost but support smaller loads as compared to concrete or steel piling materials with similar dimensions.

Fort Wilderness, Orlando

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