July 15, 2015 John Burgstiner, Inc. moves to Bradenton, Florida

Continued growth had our Sarasota home of 44 years stretched to its limits. John Burgstiner, Inc. acquired a five-acre property in nearby Manatee County and continued operations at the new facility this month. The property features drive-through bays in its equipment maintenance garage, a large equipment yard, and separate office building. Phone numbers and mailing address remain unchanged. See our Contact page for the physical address. 

December 2014 John Burgstiner, Inc. completes installation of 879 piles for the 330 3rd Street project in St. Petersburg, FL.

John Burgstiner, Inc. completes installation of 879 piles supporting 330 3rd St. in St. Petersburg, FL. ICP piling was chosen for its ability to splice piling as needed to accommodate variable depths.  Final pile depths varied and were driven as deep as 330 feet below grade.

October 13, 2014 Michael Rossie joins John Burgstiner, Inc. to serve as its Director of Operations.

Michael received his B.S. and M.S degrees from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and has specialized in geotechnical construction management for more than twenty years. His management portfolio includes experience in private and public deep foundation construction projects from Louisiana to New Jersey ranging from residential foundation repair and construction to installation of deep foundations for towers, industrial facilities, and bridges on interstate highways. Michael has been a Florida resident since 2002 and resides in Manatee County.

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